Sunday, September 14

Who's making this girly-looking pottery anyway?

I have mixed feelings about this firing. There are some things I really like, like these two pieces here, and some that just doesn't do it for me. It's so frustrating. I have to start thinking of all my work as test pieces so I don't become too disappointed when they don't work out. I know eventually I will have more success than disappointment-I've already seen a shift in that direction-but I am really looking forward to the ratio of great to icky to increase. I think I'm at about 50% now. Is it too much to ask for 90? So I am really still loving this blue/creamish yellow combo above. Kind of a fluke test I did a while back, and I consistently love it. I just hope the buying public agrees.

This is kind of fun I think. I really like the blue and black. I am skeptical that it will sell well, so I don't think I will invest too much inventory in the "line" until I see some movement from shelves. Not much interesting to report in my life. Adam is back from Chicago, which means I don't have to bring Daisy out at night now-oh yeah-it also means I get the pleasure of his fabulous company (he reads this so I gotta throw that in). Another rainy day in New Hampshire. I only wish I were camping and could hear the raindrops on my tent. That would be perfect.


Patricia Griffin said...

Admire your patience and stick-to-it attitude. Both pieces look great. And, for the ones you didn't like so much, it's progress not perfection. My work always seems to me like one step forward, two steps back. But, when I look back to 13 years ago when I started working in my own studio, I've come a long way -- though I'm never as far along as I think I should be.

Linda Starr said...

I like the turquoise and black pitcher; turquoise is one of my favorite colors. And I like how the turquoise section emphasizes the shape of the pitcher.

Is the black photographing better - I think so, but not sure what you think.

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks for the encouragement Patricia-

It might be Linda, but the real bitch of photographing this was the shiny blue vs. the matte black. I finally just had to say, good enough.