Friday, September 12

Spotty McGee

Just a little mug. One of the ones that had the handles I was working on. It's also made with that clay I was testing. I really like the clay a lot. The only thing that is making me hesitate about making it is that my main glaze, the yellowy one on this cup, comes out kind of yellowy instead of orangy. It's not bad, but different. I have four bowls with this clay, that I think I will test the glaze with different thicknesses and see what happens, and then go from there.

My kiln is cooling now. Tomorrow I will weep tears of sorrow, or joy. Not feeling so good today. Can't stop sneezing and just feel achy. I'm watching my grandson so I'm just hoping to have a chill night with him. Got a little Ghostbusters action on the tube which he likes. Adam's in Chicago until tomorrow so I've been a single gal for a couple of days. I'll be sure to post some photos of today's firing over the weekend. See ya later.


Linda Starr said...

Hi Deborah, I see what you mean about yellowy instead of orangey, is that because it is a different clay body? It's kind of a golden yellow, that's nice though. I like the smaller mug, sometimes a large one is just too big.

I may have to get the book you recommended, (I referred to your blog post in my blog's last post), my photo has more to do with depth but lighting too. Can't wait to see this next kiln load of yours.

Judy Shreve said...

I'm liking ole Spotty McGee! I wish I could hold it in my hand. It'll be interesting to see if your glaze changes in application. And I'm looking forward to new photos from this firing.
Hope you are feeling better . . . .

Anonymous said...

I like the color. It's vibrant yet neutral enough to be quite functional in most decors.

Deb said...

Hey Linda-it is from a different clay body. It's nice, I just have to decide if it's what I want.

Thanks Judy, I am feeling better. Bugs usually don't take hold in me very long.

Well, well, well. Topher eh? I wonder who this could be. Everyone, this is my brother who has recently taken on the task of PRing for me. What's up Chris?