Thursday, October 30

Caramel Corn

Here is the progress of my CRAZY stonepool. I had to give it a break to firm up a little, and started another one. Still working on the three large ones actually. Below are a few shots of the texture I put on the shorter, more stone-like ones.

Man, even though I think a majority of the anchors on Fox News are nutjobs, I still watch quite a bit. I flip back and forth between MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. It's always good to understand where your-I'm not sure what word to use, opposition?-is coming from. If you just immerse yourself in sources that mirror your own opinion, I think you run the risk of becoming pretty one dimensional. But man, I was just watching Anne Coultier (I know I spelled that wrong). That is a nutcase in the nth degree. She is one hostile, narrow-minded person. I actually tried reading a book of hers once and I could only get through a few chapters. It was just like this paranoid, lunatic ranting.

So, on a more tasty note, I have decided to share a recipe with you. You can't blame me though if you put on five pounds. Don't just file it away, thinking someday you might try it. Make it soon. You will be glad, or mad at me, that you did.


12 cups popped corn
2 cups peanuts
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter (REAL butter, not margarine)
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Grease a sheet pan. Put popcorn and nuts in a bowl large enough to be able to stir everything really well. Melt butter in a saucepan with high sides, add brown sugar and corn syrup. Cook for about five minutes, or until sugar is dissolved. Once sugar is dissolved, add salt and baking soda. This is why you need a pan with high sides. The mixture is going to get all foamy, light and thick. Mix it well and pour over popcorn and nuts. Stir really well. Put on sheet pan and bake for one hour, stirring every fifteen minutes. It is important to bake this, because that is when it will become crispy. Otherwise, you will have chewy, sticky popcorn.


ang said...

its great to see the development of these pieces looking forward to their completion...and 'wine down wednesdays' now there's a concept the whole word should embrace..

Judy Shreve said...

The texture on your stonepools is great. Are you going to use oxide washes on the texture? I'm looking forward to seeing one completed!
The caramel corn recipe sounds yummy.
I'll watch Fox News every now & then - then I'm amazed that people actually think that way? Whew! Anne Coulter is a trip.

Ben Stark said...

That texture is looking really good! I'll say it for the third time--can't wait to see the finished product!

Anne Coulter really is nuts! said...

the stone pool has a ocean plant look, very nice. the more texture the better i say.. and fox news is my only news source, i like the name fox, it just seems if you say cnn as a word it sounds like "sin", and the bbc they have can i get news about america from them? i mean, hello?..

Deborah Woods said...

I can't wait to see one finished as well. I might have already said this, but long before I put anything on one, I'm going to make test tiles and experiment. I do plan on using oxide washes and such.

Jeff, I can't figure out if you are kidding or not. I'm pretty sure (hoping) you are. If you are not...ooops, sorry. Alright, after re-reading, I'm certain you are!

cynthia said...

This is really cool! I was actually thinking of making a similarly designed 3 neck vase the other day and I love the texture too.

You just reminded me that I haven't made homemade caramel corn in a long time - it's one of my favorite things to snack on. I don't make it often...all that butter normally scares my arteries closed.

I like "Wine down Wednesdays" better than "Wordless Wednesdays"!

Deborah Woods said...

I wouldn't worry about the butter too much Cynthia. There's only two teaspoons per cup of corn. Fat wise it's probably way less than a piece of pizza or some ice cream. I'd like to take credit for Wine Down Wednesdays, but that is what they honestly call it. It's on their blackboard. I had a bit of a hangover the next morning. Can't beat the deal though. Gotta always remember to tip them on what would be the full price though, so they aren't penalized financially for working a Wednesday shift.