Wednesday, October 29

Wine down Wednesdays

Here's a couple of pictures from Sunday of actually being in the corn maze. If you don't have them where you are, they are mazes that are cut, or grown into cornfields. If you see them from above they are very precise and intricate. This one had a pumpkin, a tractor, and some other shapes included in the maze. I can only assume that they can get this precise using GPS or something.

Little bugger taking a shortcut. Sometimes the shortcuts were a little too tight for us and we had to call him back.

When we got to intersections I would ask, "which way?" and he would raise his hand and say in some language that we never did translate which way he wanted to go. We just had to rely on his pointing hand. He was trying to say something though cause it was the same thing every time. I am working on my CRAZY stonepool today. I finally am getting a feel for putting texture on the stone-like ones as well. I'll take a couple of close ups tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot. This reason this post is titled, Wine down Wednesdays, is because our local Pub/Spa/Yoga Place/Inn has half price bottles of wine on Wednesday nights, and Adam is home early tonight and so we are going to get some 1/2 price wine and an app. A bottle of wine for 12$ I can deal with that.

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Linda Starr said...

2 buck chuck is looking better all the time. the corn maze looks like fun.