Tuesday, October 28

My grandson is so cute, when he's not being a little shit

We had my grandson Saturday night till Sunday night. did a lot of stuff. One of them was to go to a farm where they have a corn maze. I don't know if everyone knows what they are, but farmers clear patterns in the corn and you walk around and then try and find your way out. I guess I should have posted a picture of him walking in the corn, but this was so cute I couldn't resist. Went to the park, got pizza at Papa Ginos, got him a turtle costume for Halloween. Pretty groovy day.

This is a new stonepool I am working on. It will be two feet tall, since that is the max height I can fire in one piece.

It's hard to see, but I'm trying to build up texture on this one.

This texture is looking cool, but I've decided from looking at this photo, that it's not what I want for the shorter, rounder ones. They remind me of stones and this is more bark-like. so I will work on that. I put some white slip in the center of this one cause the blue glaze really pops on the white and I thought I'd try a little blue in the center, like water.

Here's my little shop buddy. I call him Lava. He keeps me from getting too lonely. I have a bunch more I'd like to write, but my dinner break is over and since I want to go to Yoga tonight at 6:30 I gotta boogie down to my studio to keep working.


Tracey Broome said...

That is the CUTEST child! I meant to comment on him last time you posted a photo and forgot to. Love the lava lamp. Wesley gave me one a few years ago for my birthday, but it stopped forming multiple blobs and just went for the one big blob. Not so great that way! I think these stone pools are so very cool.

Unknown said...

groovy. cute kid.

Ben Stark said...

Definitely a cute grandson!

Stonepools are looking mighty cool, I really like the idea of bark on it!

Deb said...

You all think he's cute cause I didn't put up the pictures of him being a little devil! Like when he pulls poor Daisy's face till she squeals!

Becky said...

Whoa, with a lava lamp for inspiration no wonder you're so creative!!! (Well, I'm a child of the 60s so your shop buddy hits me where I live. *grins*)

Definitely think you're on to something wonderful!