Wednesday, October 1

Peter's here!

It's here!!! I am so excited. My Peter Pugger has arrived! And look . . . it's all dressed up! I thought the folks at Peter Pugger were so sweet to put a bow on it for me, but then I talked to my father and found out he had asked them to. . . which is even sweeter.

So now this bad boy, dressed up in drag is out in my driveway. At 250 lbs. he's a little too hefty to drag in here myself. It's raining, and I hear thunder far away. Poor little guy, out there all alone.


cookingwithgas said...

Oh Happy Days!!!!!
How pretty is that??!
I hope you and Pete have a fun filled relationship filled with long hours of sweet success.
I love the bow-

Judy Shreve said...

I think that must be Ms. Peter -- she's so clean & with that pink bow and all. Hope you get her up & running soon!

Linda Starr said...

I can see this will really save on time and clay. When the pugs come out are they a particular size or can you make them larger or smaller? Can't wait to hear about your using it.

Patricia Griffin said...

Almost a shame to get that pretty pugger all clayed up! I'm envious... Still reclaiming by hand. You lucky girl!

brandon phillips said...


T.Gray said...

I bet when the storm hit you threw yourself over the box, huh? Second to a kiln, the most important piece of equipment. Enjoy.

Deborah Woods said...

I'm lovin the new boy! It's all dirty now though :(

Linda-the pugs are 4" I think.