Friday, November 28

Latte lunatics

I'm sitting at the coffee shop. I had to come and get a lb. of coffee for Adam and ordered a coffee for me. I am one of those people who has a very long order-and I want what I order. Unfortunately, I often don't get it, and will just drink it grudgingly. Today is not one of those days. What I ordered was: a double decafinated soy cappacinno (spell?). What I got was a raging hot latte-that is usually the offense-I receive a latte instead of a cap. To me this is a huge difference. I do not like lattes. I like a strong, bitter cappacinno. I'm not a fan of milk-although I do love my cheese. So, I have to stand there-like some militant-so I can correct several mistakes along the way. The first is that they often grab the regular coffee instead of decaf. Second is using regular milk (like today) and the third is making me a latte. The last mistake is hard to catch though until the heavy cup is placed into my hand. Today I asked for a remake and when she placed that light as air cup into my hand and I took a sip of it's bitterness I was at last happy-except I don't know if it's decaf ... yet. Oh, here's a little bead I put on a cord. I took off my hope bead and put this on instead. Hope is overrated. Just kidding.


Linda Starr said...

I like the matt look to your bead. What is the string or cord you have used?

Deborah Woods said...

It's just a leather cord. I think it's leather. It might be pleather. That's actually one glaze layered on top of another.