Thursday, November 27

Thanksgiving chicken

Well it's Thanksgiving. I will be spending some of the day glazing. I don't want to make the three hour drive to where some of my family is getting together and so opted out, Adam is working until five or six and the kids have gone elsewhere. I had already ordered a very expensive free range turkey thinking we might be doing a dinner here, so I popped it in the freezer for Christmas instead. Who wants turkey twice in a month anyway? I am making a tiny dinner for tonight though. I got a very expensive (like how I always throw that in) free range chicken and am making pumpkin pie, chicken, home made stuffing, gravy and rice for dinner. I am too lazy to peel potatoes.

Yesterday I made bread. I try and make all our bread now. I've had the same sourdough starter going for some time now. Anyway, I put the loaves in the oven and promptly forgot they were there until I came upstairs sometime later for a drink. They were a tad overdone. Amazingly though they still taste good, and after some amount of effort in getting the nuclear charred crusts off I have plenty of bread cubes for my stuffing, so it worked out after all.

My pots up above are slipped and glaze lined. Just drying overnight so I can glaze the outside. I made a bunch more mugs. I wish you all could feel how these cups fit in your hand. The handles really are awesome. It's like an extension of your hand. I made a new stamp to sign my pots. Since I may be glazing so simply now, I thought it might add a touch of visual interest. I've always liked signature stamps. Well, that's enough of that nonsense. Everyone enjoy your turkeys and vegetarian loaves.


Joy Tanner said...

I like the softness that the mug has with the undulating rim. It looks full of energy!
Hope your (expensive) chicken is great! I'm trying to get into the flow of making bread, it's only happened once or twice, both fairly successful...but the thought and all the ingredients are there waiting for action. It's just making time for it...although lately all I've been wanting to do is cook even more.

cookingwithgas said...

Happy thanksgiving.
I may have to have one of those mugs to drink my tea out of.

Judy Shreve said...

I love the mug - the simplicity, the handle, the rim & the stamp.
Happy chicken day! -- (that's instead of 'turkey' day)

I want a sourdough starter! You'll have to blog instructions.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Deborah. I like the stamp idea... May have to steal that... Handle on that mug does look pretty comfy!

Deb said...

Hi to everyone! I hope you all had a great dinner yesterday. We did n't eat until about seven or so, but I snacked plenty before that-believe me. I will put up a general idea on how to make a starter. It's really easy. You just have to care for it-like a plant, or it dies. Thanks for the nice words on the mug. I'm really happy with the last couple of batches. Finally! The stamp is carved out of plaster. I made this long 1x1 inch block once and broke it up into squares and so always have some blanks around to make a new stamp.

Linda Starr said...

Happy thankgiving, I was going to ask how you made the stamp which I love on that smaller wider cup you have made. I like a cup that feels firmly grounded.