Wednesday, November 5

Proud to be an American


Awesome, awesome, awesome. What a moment. I hope whether or not you supported him that you can find some joy in the significance of this moment. This is hugely historical and says a lot about our country and it's people to ourselves, and to the rest of the world. I was really moved watching the joy of total strangers, and I just can't imagine the pride that blacks must have felt-and feel. It must feel like a whole new world. I know it does to me. I don't know. I know all the problems we have gotten ourselves into, and the terrible image we have become to the rest of the world will not disppear overnight, but it truly does feel to me like disinfectant has doused our country. It feels renewed and fresh, and I feel very proud.

On another note. I need some help. I have been considering for some time now, getting my MFA. I am doing my research to find schools to consider, but I would really appreciate you throwing some names my way. Especially if you have heard good things about the school, and doubly especially if they operate in a way that they wave tuition for their grad students. I'm probably too late for spring, although, you never know, but I can definitely make fall if I move now. Thank you, and
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April Rexroad said...

Hi Deborah,

About the MFA thing: Ceramics Monthly has done a few special articles highlighting schools. They are doing one per month this year from Sept/Oct-Jan of this year. These articles can be viewed online by going to their website (last two links listed below). Also, the first link is another article they did last year about MFA programs which talks about a few different schools than the others. If you look through, there are various assistant-ships and whatnot to help with expenses as well. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

yes. feels good part of this healing historical moment.

Tracey Broome said...

My sentiments exactly! I feel like I went through my closet and got out all of my old tattered clothes and threw them out the door! Thank God North Carolina finally woke up and got rid of many of the old Republicans. We had quite a Democratic night. It was so good to see Elizabeth Doyle say goodbye and also good to see our state elect it's first woman governor.

Judy Shreve said...

I do feel like we got our country back - and I'm free to be me again! I am thrilled that this country realized the need for change & healing!

Deb - it's exciting you are thinking of an MFA. Do you read 'clayart?' There's been some lively discussions in the last few months on the merits of an MFA - costs & available jobs after achieving the MFA. Are you willing to relocate? Are you looking for a functional ceramic program? I think the Ceramics Monthly articles can show you what some of the programs are offering. It's a big decision!

Deb said...

Thanks April. I have read those articles, but was wondering if anyone reading had personal knowledge or experience. I remember reading this article once about this woman who described her experience getting her MFA as horrible-the teacher was not very good, something. So now I'm a little overcautious about choosing a school.

I should have gotten my MFA immediately after receiving my BFA. If my kids had not been young and there was nowhere local to get it-it just wasn't much of an option for me then. I have two reasons for still considering it. One is that it would be a great learning experience and might help to focus me. I'm still all over the place. Second, is that I am growing increasingly concerned about what if I have to support myself someday? I really don't want to have to go back to waiting tables and being a line cook. Good skills to have, but being a Professor at a college somewhere? Way better. I don't know. Maybe I should just wait and see what this summer brings financially-I'm just not getting any younger here.

Ben Stark said...

Hey Deb--the only school I have any experience with is the University of SC. The program there is very broad and encourages a lot of personal exploration. They have good facilities with salt and soda kilns (not sure if the salt is still in service) and a fair amount of studio space for students. Virginia Scotchie is the head of the department (or was two years ago, I should check on that), and she really encourages students to explore new areas. If you want more info and personal experience, email me and I'll give you all that I know! SC is quite a big move for you, and I don't know if this part of the country appeals to you, but Columbia is really a neat city and very diverse. The rivers were always my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

I've thought about it too, Deb - but since my daughter is only in 5th grade, it would be stressful and too much of a distraction for me to be both a good mom and student.

I was going to mention the CM articles too.

I guess if you're looking for programs, consider the instructors and whether they're functional or sculptural/conceptual clay people and which of these paths appeals to you. Look for schools who have staff whose work you like. Consider relocation and how far you would be willing to travel.

And, most of all, ask yourself why you want to get an MFA and what benefit it would bring you. If you want to teach at the college level, then yes get an MFA. But, if it's just to push yourself - apply for some residencies, take workshops, invest in a solid period of investigation like you're in school. I mention this because it's on my radar.

YAY Obama - I feel more hopeful now.