Sunday, March 24

Waz up lately

Hey all...been thinking about saying hello for a while. It's been a crazy year to say the least. Think I'm starting to pull myself together a bit now, but it's been a journey and some major learning experiences. I can honestly say this last two years has had more impact on me than probably any other time in my life. Some of it good and for good, some not so good, but trying to make good of it anyway. It all is what it is, as they say. I've been recovering from my back surgery pretty well. Generally okay now, except my back isn't what it used to be, and my poor withered right leg is definitely not. But...I sadly admit I have not been good about doing my stretching and strengthening exercises, and so am my own worst enemy. However...I have begun to do some quilting again. Somewhere on this blog I have some photos of a quilt I finished a couple years ago, and I just made a queen-sized quilt for my daughter Amy. Now I am working on another original design. The photo at the top with the bright pink is the drawing I did on the computer, and the second photo is it coming to life in fabric. It's about 4' x 4 1/2' I think-ish. Its been great to get creative again, after some stagnate time. I will try and keep you posted on the progress. Hope you all are well, and great seeing your work, as always. 


Linda Starr said...

Good to hear from you again, ah quilting is one of my lost loves, your design is super, hope you show the finished project.

cookingwithgas said...

Hey- glad that you are doing some art. Sewing has become my choice to relax and do something else.
Hope you get back to 100%.

Unknown said...

Hi there! Good to hear from you guys. I'm having a lot of fun getting into it again. Thanks, and be well too!