Thursday, August 14

I love you

I'm finally done with these little pots. For such tiny pots, they take a lot of time.

Here's a picture for a size perspective of them.

So, some good news. I think I've got something going on with my handles. I still need to perfect it a little which will come with practice, and I'm not sure how big to make them yet so I tried a few different sizes, but all in all I'm pretty happy with them.

I found this on my bench this morning when I went into my studio. How sweet a way is that to start the day?


Michael Kline said...

I like the handles, too. They seem to compliment the 'roundness' of the cups. I like their scale!

Joy Tanner said...

awww...don't you love notes?

isn't is amazing how long small pots take to make? they look sweet and intimate!

Judy Shreve said...

Boy - everyone should start their day with an "I love you" note. Too sweet.
And I love your little pots. And your handles are fabulous. They look great on your cups!

Deborah Woods said...

Thanks everyone. I've got to tweak them a little I think, but it's a decent start.

brandon phillips said...

those handles look great. i bet they'll take some slip!

Deborah Woods said...

thanks, I think they will too. I did slip a couple of my old mugs successfully-finally. Waiting until they were super leather hard on their way to bone helped I think.