Tuesday, October 21

Ripley's Believe it or Not

Okay. Get ready to hear one of the most bizarre and amazingly true stories you have ever heard. Adam says to me tonight, on the evening of October 21. "Hey, we forgot to celebrate our anniversary". My reply was, "Did our anniversary just go by?" So after a short back and forth to confirm the date of our wedding and today's date, we came to the conclusion, that yes, we both forgot to celebrate, or even remember, our anniversary. It's slightly more comical when you realize that the actual day was ten days ago, and neither one of us remembered, and, the only reason that Adam remembered is that his Mom asked him, when he talked to her last night, what we did to celebrate. Are we messed up or what?

I forgot Adam's birthday the first year we were together. Around 11:30 at night, he's like, "so, are you going to wish me a happy birthday?". I felt so bad I cried. Neither one of us cried tonight.


cookingwithgas said...

I have always thought it is more important to like each other then remember dates-It sounds like you are both content in your life to me!

Judy Shreve said...

That's amazing - that you both would forget the date! It does reflect on how contented you two must be with each other.

Patricia Griffin said...

This happens to us about every third year!!!! It's gotten to be a joke. When we got married a loooooooong time ago, my husband took a little gold-plated tag that had our wedding date on it (from some gift we got) and put it on his safe at work... Even with that, we would get so busy with our lives and would just sail past it. Then, when he sold the business, the safe (and the tag) stayed there.

I like the rectangle plates in the picture. Your designs are looking so good!

Linda Starr said...

I've always thought it's the day to day things that mean more than remembering dates, but it is kind of sad too. There is so much going on in the world today, I think we all have more stress than we realize. I love the work you have posted.

cynthia said...

I've forgotten my wedding anniversary 2 years now - not consecutively, but close enough. I felt like crap. Luckily, my father in law reminded me the last time - I was talking to him on the phone the day before, and he asked, "what are you 2 doing tomorrow?" I asked, "Why?" and then it slowly dawned on me...doh. I really do care - I guess after 19 years, I should celebrate a little more since so many of our friends have gone through a divorce already.

At least you both forgot! Hope you did something post anniversary?

The plates do rock!

cynthia said...

PS. My husband was crushed the first time around - now he knows it's just me heading into middle age. I've reallocated brain cells to a different area.