Friday, October 24

Well, I have this potter whose work I greatly admire. His name is Jeff Martin, and if you haven't already checked his stuff out you can do so here. He put up a photo of this mug about a month ago, and although I really couldn't afford it, it kinda grabbed me, and so after asking Adam if he thought it was alright (a detestable state to be in, not to have one's own money) I told Jeff I thought his mug had found a new home.

It's a great size. A large cup of coffee or tea, and definitely roomy enough for a brew as well. So thanks Jeff!

I kind of have these next photos upside down, but they are bird bath basins I am working on. I want to make them look like stones or pieces of wood or something. We'll see how it goes. I'm not sure I'm approaching it the right way, but I'll learn as I go.

Here's another one. I'm working on two at a time.

These are the coils I used to build up the walls. They were made with Peter and one of the dies.

Another photo out of order. here is what I've been doing for the last two day. I am insulating my studio to try and get through the winter in a way that doesn't resemble freezing to death this year. Nasty, awful, hideous, grotesquely itchy work. Of course I did not wear a mask and so it's likely that I have fiberglass fibers permanantely impregnated in my lungs now. Oh well, at least the silica won't be lonely.

So here is the die I used to extrude the coils. They are a good start to building something if you are going large.

I'm feeling super down. And so, I went to yoga tonight, which ended up being a great class, and I can already feel myself getting stronger. I think that's class number four now. It's amazing how quickly your body adjusts and strengthens. I still needed a little more of a spirit boost afterwards though, and so I bought a bottle of wine and some cheese. You just can't go wrong with wine and cheese. It's a decadent way to spoil yourself, eating and drinking it as slowly as I can (which is pretty fast). You should see me suck down a smoothie though. So at least it's not just booze.


Ben Stark said...

Deb-That is a totally great mug! Jeff's work is just amazing to me!

Now I'm even more jealous that you've got your own Peter! I've always wanted to learn to throw big with coils, but being the lazy potter I am, I never put forth the effort of making big, thick coils. What a great tool!

Nothing like a little indulgence to boost the spirits. Keep warm and, here's to cheering up! (raises tumbler full of Beam and Coke ;)

Linda Starr said...

I've gotten on Jeff's site from yours before and I just love his stuff, so unique. Your new mug is beautiful.

Peter has dies too - Wow - that is cool. Can't wait to see how your birdbath comes out. I have a concrete birdbath - the pedestal looks like a twisted tree and there's a frog on the side of the bath part - I just love it.

On my way to get clay yesterday, I had to stop at a little coffee shop I know and get something sweet - I ate it on the way home. I had wine when I got home. This economy stuff is really affecting me. Thank goodness for clay.

Judy Shreve said...

Oooh - new mug, yoga & wine & cheese! Sounds like a cure to me! - you just need to add a little dark chocolate . . .

Boy look at all you are doing - new forms, learning about 'peter' and insulating your studio - no wonder you are tired & out of sorts. And I always get a little down when the season changes at fall - days are shorter & the coolness. Maybe it's just nature's way of getting us ready for our normal winter cycle. You are doing all the right things to get through it.

I've been under the weather as well - on antibiotics & out of sorts. I have only made two pots this week. Feeling better & hope to be back in the studio next week!

Colleen said...

Hi Deb, I too have a Peter in my studio. I bought the handle die but haven't been able to get it to work. I was thinking that I could use the pugs as a start to pulling my own handles - don't really like them as they are - too clunky. The machine dosen't seem to have enough power to push it through the die. Do you leave the vacume pump on while you are pugging?Any
hints? Thanks - Colleen said...

thanks for the plug deborah! thanks for the compliments yall are too kind! we are all good, and yes, keep pugging away, you are awesome! peace

cookingwithgas said...

Break down and turn some heat on- it might be having a negative effect on your mood. If you are not comfortable body temp wise it might play with your mental state.
Isn't it a pain we have to worry about money so much right now?
I really like your square plates they are great! I keep going back to look at them- you have some real winners there.

Ben Stark said...

Deb--I caught your comments over at my blog, posted a response ;)