Friday, October 10

Bama Baby

This is just a written post. I have my little grandson today until tomorrow, and we were downtown looking for a couple of books for him and when I spied the McCain headquarters, I thought to myself, why not stop into the Obama headquarters and see if I could get a yard sign. I've got a bumpers sticker, but I heard this comment on NPR the other day, that often people in a neighborhood might want to vote for a certain candidate, but feel like they need reassurance kind of, from their neighbors if the candidate is someone they might not ordinarily vote for. Most of the people on my street are at least in their 60's or 70's and so if any of them are wanting to come to the light side but just need a little mental push, I figured I might as well give it a shot. The Obama people have been to my house three times now, while I've working in my studio and I have never heard them knock. They must be like little mice. So, I got my sign and they gave the little guy a sticker and then the cute, way too young for me guy asked if I'd be interested in volunteering. My first reaction of course is to believe I couldn't possibly find the time in my extraordinary complicated and full life for such a thing, but that's really not true, and so when I got home I gave him a call and I'm pretty psyched that tomorrow night I will be volunteering to enter data, whatever that means. I told him I'm not the knock on door and call people on the phone type, and so this is what I will do. I'm pretty jazzed. It's nice to get involved. So today and tomorrow are pretty much shot as far as getting work done. I really can't afford the time right now, but I'll figure something out. I can probably push my firing to Thursday and still pull everything off. I need to drop my third review shipment off by the 20th, and if all went well with the second one, and all goes well with the third, I will officially be accepted and be done with all this and take a breath!


Tracey Broome said...

Good for you!!! I'm really embarrassed to admit this, but when I was in college, I worked for George Sr. and got to escort his brother around Myrtle Beach when they came there.I really only did this because there was a hot guy in my class working at the headquarters and my political science professor, also very hot, encouraged me to get involved. I did learn a lot and had fun doing it. BTW, I loved your last pissed off commentary, it got my husband ranting for an hour or more about the sorry state of things. At least things aren't dull.....good luck

cookingwithgas said...

This has been a hard year for all of us.
On a personal note my older brother has become a rabid republican. I can not believe it. He blogs 3-4 times a day against Obama. He emails these to all the family. My mother and both my sister can not read them we just hit delete- so sad- I don't know what happen to him. This same guy headed peace rallies in the 60's tells me we need this war- what happened I want to ask him? It is too raw to talk with him.
My other brother has always been a republican- I was use to that- but now both??
At least my 2 sisters and mom will cancel his vote.
The best with your volunteering- I am a big believer in giving back.

Tracey Broome said...

I know how you feel, Gerry's brother is also a republican(as well as a racist) and lives in a foreign land. I would tell you who he works for, but I would have to kill you:) His dad is also a republican as well as a southern baptist minister. We have to leave politics at the door when we visit, otherwise all end up not speaking. I sent a request to Gerry's brother asking him to stop sending his offensive political emails, and now we don't speak at all. Too bad.Thank God, Gerry was the black sheep in the family!

Deb said...

I don't think that voting republican is inherently bad, or anything to be embarrassed by. If the party truly stood for small government intervention, and the huge religious base that has become so synonomous with the party was more tolerant and less hateful (I still have the image of "christian" protesters I saw last week, holding signs that said: "God hates fags" and another one that said "Thank God for Aids"), etc. I abhor a lot of the ideology on the Democratic side as well. I have just chosen it as the lesser evil of the two lies.

I have heard over an over again this election about die-hard Democrats that will not vote for Obama. Many of them will come right out and say it is because they can not vote for a black man for President. Lots of women who have been feminist Democrats their entire lives switched parties once Clinton lost the ticket. I wonder if some of them are regretting that choice now and reconsidering?