Wednesday, July 30

Peepholes, pots and clay goop

I bisque to cone 06. Cone 04 is for sissies. (juuust kidding)

Yesterday I took some steel wool to my wheelhead which had badly oxidised then gave it a bath. Pretty sweet?

Today my goal was small covered pots. A friend who gave me a massage said she wants a honey pot for payment. I threw 20 pots and lids, and then about 10 small tumblers and called it a day. I'm beat.

The same sweet wheel after 20 honey pots and 10 tumblers. It's like . . . why? what did I ever do to you? Yuck. I find this whole messy business a little grotesque, but it comes with the job.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hi Deborah - Saw your posting on Naomi's blog and came to check it out. Love your blog, love your Anais Nin quote at the top. Great pictures. Really nice work. (I'm glad Adam encouraged you not to give up on the blogging.) I know it' slow-going, but people do make the connections eventually.

Deb said...

Hi Patricia-thanks for reading,I've been to your blog too-I like your black and white work which is funny because I'm probably going to be concentrating on my black and white glazes for a while because of an issue I'm having with my orange one. Deb