Saturday, August 2

A sweet little android

This is my throwing area.
This is Lance Henrikesen.

A lot of you will probably immediately recognize him. He's an actor and has been in a bazillion movies. Check him out on line if you're curious or don't recognize him now and you will start to. Personally I will always think of him as the android from the movie Aliens. Not the first one with the bad android, but the second one with the good android. What you might not know however is that he is also been a potter for over 40 years. This photo is from an old mag of mine, ceramics monthly I think, can't remember the issue.

Some possible good news. I think my glaze disaster might not be as disasterous as I originally thought.


Joe the Potter said...

Nice blog Deborah. Even nicer pots.

Deborah Woods said...

thanks Joe!