Friday, September 5

Boozin' it

I dropped off my first review shipment today. I left twelve pieces, the photos here are three of them, snapped in this mornings manic photo frenzy. I'm actually pretty happy with the photo above of the oval.

This photo has a little too much reflection on it. It washes the color out a little.

This one came out really sweet too. I stopped at the camera shop in Concord and the bulbs I need are 20$ a piece and I just can't swing it, especially with my new mop purchase. So I stopped at Lowes and got some full spectrum compact florescents to try. If they don't cut it then I will have to spring for the other bulbs.

So after a pretty crazy day of unloading, analyzing, pricing, packing and driving and a aftermath of carnage at my house as a result, I am eating some dinner and drinking a very large martini with some fresh mango in it. I call it a martini, but it's just vodka in a glass with mango. My friend, locally famous Bob King is playing tonight at the Common Man. So I will try to have only this one martini so I can go listen later. Good night and good luck.


Judy Shreve said...

Your photos look great! Good luck with your review - you've sure worked hard getting it all together.

I'm with you -- after having my head in a glaze bucket for two days & my mouth open at the dentist office all day Wednesday -- I've poured myself a big glass of wine.

No where to go but my screened porch with my husband & some good music. Yeah for Fridays!

cynthia said...

Love the new work -

I was drawn into this post by the photographs and of course, the title. A good martini (or tumbler of vodka) certainly takes the edge off.

Linda Starr said...

Wow Deborah, I just love all your new work, what a treat seeing a little of them at a time. They are very, very nice - the color is even better on these than previous posts - must be your expert photography.

I keep saying I am going to get one of those graduated backdrops, but haven't yet. I really need to fit it into my budget. I use one color poster board draped against a wall now.

Mango martini - sounds decadant. Have a good time.

Good luck to you.

Deborah Woods said...

Hi Linda-thank you for the nice words. I don't know about expert photography, but it is getting better. I highly recommend the graduated backdrop. I think I got mine for like 35-40$ and it really helps to make your photos look professional. When you are ready let me know and I can tell you where I got mine.

Deborah Woods said...

Sorry, I meant to thank you Judy and Cynthia as well!